Youth Exchange Students
2012 Tori Marshall to Brazil
2008 Elodie Faure from France
  Zinnia Naqvi to Argentina
2007 Wilton Fagundes from Brazil
2006 Melissa Japan to Japan
2004 Alex Karnop from Germany
2003 Shawn Maikle to Japan
  Maiko Hiraki from Japan
2002 Alexandra Reid to Brazil
  Talita Rosolen from Brazil
2001 Taniya Naqvi to France
  Nicolas Verderosa from Argentina
2000 Paul Boyland to Japan
1999 Sabrina Naqvi to Germany
  Brenda Henderson from New Zealand
1998 Elysha Velji to France
1994 Ashley Robinson from Australia
  Melissa Pennycad to Germany
1993 Wanda Guthrie from New Zealand
  Amanda Smith to Germany
1987 Julie Russell from Australia
  April Winterstien to Mexico
1985 Tracey Whalen to New Zealand
1983 Marjo Pyyny from Finland
  Greg Polomis to New Zealand
1979 Tracey Cuthbertson from Australia
1978 Josee Sanches from Brazil