Music Festival Info
Pickering Rotary Music Festival
We are inviting you to come celebrate and participate with us as we host our 35th Annual Pickering Rotary Music Festival.
We had hoped that by now we would have been on the other side of the Global pandemic, however, despite the light that is appearing at the end of the tunnel we have opted to err on the side of caution and as such, will be hosting again this year our festival online. This is also inline with the OMFA also hosting their provincials online as well in June 2022.
Visit our Website and socials via Facebook for more details regarding the upcoming festival season.
Registration for our 35th season will run from December 1, 2021 until January 31, 2022.
Adjudication will begin February 24, 2022 to March 11, 2022 with the Final Awards Ceremony scheduled for April 24, 2022 On behalf of the Pickering Rotary Music Festival Board, I would like to extend our warmest gratitude for your support throughout the years and we look forward to hosting you for this upcoming season of our festival.
As usual, if you have any questions related to further details about this coming season please feel free to direct them to our email address