As teamwork and collaborations are customary in Rotary, we would like to share information and photos about an international project we recently supported.
In January 2016 two of our Club members travelled to Nakuru, Kenya.  The purpose of the trip was to evaluate the progress on construction, meet with the school head masters and report back. The Global Grant Project, titled The Rotary Nakuru WASH in Schools Project, is located in Kenya and involved six primary schools.  The construction of latrines, installation of handwashing stations and rainwater collection systems is the goal.  The cost of the total project came in just under $140,000 USD.  The Rotary Club in Markham, District 7070, Toronto Eglinton Rotary Club, Rotary International, Backyard Brands, ourselves and many others all contributed to the project success.
While our clubs members were on site, they also took time to spend with some of the children and women.  At each school everyone was very excited about their visit and greeted them with song and dance.  The children are all very talented.  Many played the drums and everyone seemed to have vocals with ranges to match the best choirs.  The women took the time to explain their very successful microcredit program.  With this program in place, the women are able to generate their own income by either managing small poultry farms, potato planting or sewing.  This income enables them to afford the school fees and provide an education for their children.
The student population in the six schools is 2,500 children.  With the help of this Rotary project, we were able to provide latrines for boys and girls, construct rainwater harvesting tanks for access to water, and, install handwashing stations for all those enrolled.  Prior to the Rotary project the children did not have a proper toilet, a means to wash their hands or access to clean water.