On the evening of August 23rd Jim Louttit, the new District Governor for 7070, joined us to not only to introduce himself to the club, but to also impart his vision and objectives for the district in the coming year.  Jim joined Rotary in 2005 as a founding member in Lima Peru and in 2007 moved back to Canada joining the Toronto Sunrise Club holding many positions including President.
Jim began his presentation by unveiling the 2016-2017 theme, "Rotary serving humanity."  Paul Harris, Rotary's founder, believed that serving humanity is “the most worthwhile thing a person can do” and that being a Rotarian is a “great opportunity” to make that happen.  Jim defines serving humanity as being “a person who works to make other people's lives better”.  This is a simple concept but one that really boils down what the core of being a Rotarian truly means.  
Jim went on to explain how he will be working this theme into his goals and objectives at the district level with three main priorities.  Jim aims to support and strengthen clubs, create a greater focus on and increase humanitarian service, and last but not least to enhance Rotary's public image and awareness on a local level that also translates internationally.  Jim explained in great detail how in focusing on these three priorities will result in clubs that are more focused, prosperous and stronger then ever before.
In closing Jim discussed the District Conference whose theme is Rev Up Rotary to Re-Ignite, Re-Charge and Re-Imagine.  The District Conference is a great place for ongoing members to reconnect and have their passion reignited.  Also for new members to be welcomed into the fold while also building a comprehensive knowledge of Rotary both within a local sphere as well as our place in the world at large.  The overall goal being that all members walk away able to Re-imagine what Rotary is and how we can make such a difference in the world.
With leadership like this the sky's the limit on what this District can achieve, here is to a productive and exciting year.