Speaker Date Topic
Pamela Deveau Mar 28, 2017
Boys and Girls Club
Dr. Samuel Abugiche Apr 11, 2017
Cameroon (CASSDNREP) and the Canadian Cameroon Ape Network (CCAN).
Cameroon (CASSDNREP) and the Canadian Cameroon Ape Network (CCAN).


The organizations provide capacity building and community development for villagers in hopes of creating ways to sustain themselves without hunting endangered species.
They have developed fish ponds, poultry farms and mushroom crops so far.

They will be working on soap making and sewing for the women this year.

Susan Lutter May 16, 2017
Rotary in the Rainforest Project

Susan Lutter is from the Rotary Club of Palo Alto in California and is the Chair of Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) and the director of Friends of Ape Action Africa, Inc.

Susan will be speaking about her Rotary in the Rainforest project.

Mala Mahabir May 16, 2017
Pickering Reading Circle
Pickering Reading Circle